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Graze -to eat small portions of food throughout the day.

ex. "She was grazing on snacks all afternoon." -Merriam-webster

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Hello and welcome, I am so happy you are here! My name is Alex and I am the owner & operator of Grazing Queens, LLC. I was born and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota. 


Grazing Queens was an idea, that became a side hustle, that is now a business. And I would not be here today if it were not for the push from some truly amazing and inspiring people in my life. Thank you all so much!

cheese + charcuterie *holiday keepsake box*
with exclusive add-ons

Orders open December 1st at noon


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NEW to Grazing Queens is our holiday line-up. This round wooden keepsake box is similar to our boards, filled with cheese,  charcuterie + accompaniments. This keepsake box will feed up to 6 with a curated collection of cheese + charcuterie meats for everyone to enjoy. 

All boxes are built to order and ensure freshness and quality and will come with a lid and wrapped tightly. An assortment of crackers will be placed on the side in a separate box to ensure longevity of your board.

$89 Each 


We guarantee board freshness for 24 hours, but boards will last up to  3 days refrigerate. 

Add-ons include our signature Pink Dip, Marinated Feta, and Vanilla Bean Paste.

GQ Signature Pink Dip $5 each

Our GQ Signature dip featuring cream cheese, fresh raspberries, honey and our house made vanilla bean paste. Pair this dip with any of our boards for the ultimate indulgence. 

Vanilla Bean Paste $20 each

Our house made vanilla bean paste is packed with flavor and made from three different types of vanilla beans ethically sourced from around the world. Use 1:1 as a vanilla extract replacement in any baking  and you will never go back. 

Garlic Marinated Feta $5 each

Fresh feta cheese marinated in fine garlic olive oil. This accompaniment pairs well with all of our boards. Eat right out of the jar or on a cracker, pasta, pizza, use as a salad dressing or toast on bread for the best garlic toast. The options are endless!  


Charcuterie Workshop

Hosted By

The Olive Ann Hotel & Cloud 9 Events

Join Grazing Queens at The Olive Ann Hotel December 28th at 7pm for a night of fine food styling. Each guest will receive everything they need in order to create the most beautiful grazing board (serv. 2-4). Ticket sales go live right here Friday December 1st at noon. Cheers!

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"Thank You to our public venue hosts for providing inviting spaces for our guests to create. Cheers!"
- Alex
, Grazing Queens

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110 N 3RD ST





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